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Southern passion

You have to have done it once in your life. Either as part of a comfortable organized tour, or more energetically

in a 4X4, on foot or by camel.


Starting in Ouarzazate, the Draâ Valley leads south, carving a narrow oasis more than 200km long. Among the towns

and villages it passes through, Zagora and its famous road sign "Tombouctou 52 jours" (Timbuktu 52 days) is often

the point of departure when heading off to explore the south. Just where there is a bend in the Draâ before it continues

its course west, the first two dunes rise up, a foretaste of the desert. Making camp and spending a night under the stars,

is the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.


This terraced town is built at the exit of the famous Todra gorges and their 250m-high cliffs in the heart of a very varying countryside, combining stony desert, various mountains, a luscious green oasis and a palm grove. West of Tinghir, climbing back up the Dadès Valley towards Ouarzazate, you pass through Kelaat M’Gouna, the valley of roses, where the flower

is grown, distilled and especially celebrated every spring during a famous moussem.


To the east of Tinghir stands Errachidia, an ancient garrison city and capital of Tafilalt, the largest oasis in the Moroccan Sahara which fans out from the river Ziz. Head south and 20km further on the blue source of Meski feeds a vast palm grove and also supplies a lake: an enchanting site suitable for bathing. Even further south, Erfoud is the departure point towards the dunes of the Chebbi erg. At the end of the main street, the tarmacked road ends. And a long line of dunes announce

the desert. The highest, Merzouga, can reach up to 150m! This is where, it is said, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. Each year the village of the same name welcomes the desert music festival, bringing together musical groups and dance troupes from various countries: an awesome testament to the universality of the emotions of the desert. And an opportunity to experience the magic given out by desert music.

To remember

From sand dunes to luxuriant gorges, give in to the call of the south.





Determine in advance what the best way to discover the amazing beauty of Morocco

is a tall order even for the more daring. With an internal territory very diversified, ranging from the highlands rocky gorges carved by rivers, the sandy desert, to the


mountain peaks and the white beaches, the possibilities and ways to explore this country are many. For those who decided to take this trip and tourists who are still accumulating information, waiting to establish their own path, it will be interesting

to know that in addition to the classic tours can also take a trip to the desert of Morocco.


Even if the city mundane as Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca, are the most visited

in the country, the vast desert plains bordering the Sahara are the dream of all those travelers who want to experience something more. And visceral thrills that only the


majestic and still breath of the desert can transmit. One of the most classic of the trip

in the desert of Morocco is one that leads to the city of Marrakech to Ouarzazate

and from there, you move on a daily basis in the neighboring areas to explore

the desert and the highlands.


This solution is chosen by a large number of tourists because it combines

the convenience of itself lean large hotels and restaurants without affecting the innate charm of nature Moroccan. From Ouarzazate you reach the Todra Gorges Del, created

by the flow of the river over thousands of years.


This spectacular rock formation, offering stunning views of natural walls that rise

for over one hundred and sixty meters and that at certain points are separated

from each other only by a few meters. The Del Todra Gorges are a wonderful stage

of the journey in the desert of Morocco. Our travel consultant will provide you with

all the information needed to be prepared for each day in the best way, and there

will also propose some extra excursions to customize your itinerary.


After this course, you will go towards the most engaging, colors, and all that

is the charm of the desert itself ...... Interesting and exciting is the ability to move along the dirt tracks, board of powerful off-road, penetrating more deeply in the beautiful


Moroccan desert. By following this path meet many quaint villages, where life has remained unchanged for centuries and was only minimally altered with the advent

of modern technology.


Beautiful mountains and valleys where the Berbers have built their homes and where they welcome travelers with great cordiality. Wake up early to photograph the red sun rises majestically over the valleys covered with sand and admire the sky clearer you can imagine, dotted with bright stars. You will experience an extraordinary experience, supporting in every way by the Staff of Iguana Sahara Tours. corrected text ........

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