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Excursion Ourika Valleys

Start : 8h Morning .. Return : 20h Evening

Number of persons : 2 - 4 - 6

Excursion : 1 Day

Transport : 4x4, Minibus

From :   80 €                              Reservation

Excursion Merzouga erg Chabbi

Start : 8h Morning .. Return : 20h Evening

Excursion : 3 Day

Dinner and breakfast + Transport 4x4

From :   190 €                           Reservation

Excursion Ouzoud Cascades

Start : 8h Morning .. Return : 20h Evening

Number of persons : 2 - 4 - 6

Excursion : 1 Day

Transport : 4x4, Minibus

From :   110 €                            Reservation

Excursion Sahara Zagoura

Start : 8h Morning .. Return : 20h Evening

Excursion : 2 Day

Dinner and breakfast + Transport 4x4

From :   150 €                            Reservation

Excursion Essaouira Mogador

Start : 8h Morning .. Return : 20h Evening

Number of persons : 2 - 4 - 6

Excursion : 1 Day

Transport : 4x4, Minibus

From :  90 €                               Reservation

Ouarzazate Ait Ben Haddou

Start : 8h Morning .. Return : 20h Evening

Excursion : 1 Day

Transport : 4x4, Minibus

From :  120 €                             Reservation



Morocco Travel Guides

Morocco offers a whole host of major cities, each with their individual character and charms. While Tangier’s beautiful buildings may captivate you, the souk at Marrakech

is sure to delight in a different way, gripping you with its allure. The great variety

of historical, cultural and leisure opportunities available in Morocco’s cities tempts

most travellers to visit more than one destination country-wide.


This coastal city is one of Morocco’s most popular, with strings of bars, discos

and restaurants lining the waterfront. Although the newer parts of the centre are not altogether attractive and the beach is lacking, Agadir has a charm of its own that draws many visitors. The old Medina offers a glimpse back in time, with its fort, turrets and Portuguese-era walls. The industrial city produces large amounts of pottery, making

this the place to pick up your terracotta souvenirs. A stroll through the Colline

des Potiers (Potters’ Quarters) will reveal some fine examples.


Immortalised in Hollywood’s Casablanca, this is Morocco’s party resort, with nightclubs and bars lining the coast. The centre is modern while the old town offers more traditional delights and winding alleyways that you can easily lose yourself in. Characterised by wide boulevards and tall colonial houses, the city has some good markets. The Marche Central is the primary food and handicraft market and is great for exploration. Surfers and beach babes will love it here, with the beach attracting the crowds with its waves and golden sands.


Fez is Morocco’s medieval delight, with its ancient beauty mesmerising many visitors. Coming here is like stepping back in time, with the exception of the French-built Ville Nouvelle, which has more modern appeals. The Medina is rich with history, having been the cultural and religious centre of Morocco since as far back as the 10th century up until the French transfer of administration to Rabat. Residents of this city have a reputation

for their intelligence, with many Fassis being powerful government leaders.

This developed centre of learning will appeal to all sorts of visitors with its unique offerings.


Home to one of the most famous souks in Morocco, Marrakech is a highlight of most people’s visit to Morocco. In pastimes the city had significant status as a cultural

and political centre, and the architectural reminders of the city’s former kudos are

still evident, with the Koutoubia Mosque, Kasbah, Ben Youssef Madrasa, Saadian Tombs

and Place Jamaâ El Fna all being must-sees. The pre-Saharan Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou provides visitors with even more earthen architectural wonders.


As one of the country’s busiest entry points, visitors flock to Tangier from Gibraltar

and Spain, with regular ferries servicing these routes. While the many tour groups and day-trippers that plague the town can be off-putting, Tangier has a number of attractions, with its port area, winding alleys, markets and cafés. While the snake charmers may have more luck charming their snakes than the tourists and the noisy streets are full of chaos, there is a magical appeal to this centre of trade that has caused a number of visitors, including famous ones, to set up home here after becoming awe-struck with its beauty. Visit the souks for some real bargains.


Discover Historic Meknes

A must for historians and archaeologists, this ancient capital dates back to the 11th century. Its Spanish-Moorish architecture and walls are still partially intact, providing some excellent photo opportunities.

Visit Essaouira

With an interesting port area and excellent surf at the beach, visitors can wander

through the streets of Essaouira and get a taste of this friendly and busy city.

It is host to the annual Gnawa festival and many foreigners are attracted by its pretty

white-washed buildings with blue shutters, while there are also a few small art galleries here for those with an eye for Moroccan art.

Explore Ancient Salé

Situated across the estuary from Rabat, this town contains some of Morocco’s oldest monuments. The ancient leftovers of the Almohad dynasty can be explored on foot, with these architectural reminders sure to leave you with a lasting impression. Local beaches provide a pleasant alternative for those with little interest in the local history.

Explore Roman Volubilis

Volubilis was once the capital of Mauretania and an important Roman military outpost, with its beginnings dating back to the 3rd century BC. Extensive ruins remain, including

a well preserved Roman gate, making it possible to imagine the city’s former glory.

Wash the dust off

Wash the dust off after a hard day’s sightseeing at a public hammam. Similar

to a Turkish bath, these are social places to come and get clean, ideal for those travellers who are covered in a coat of Moroccan dust. Bathers warm themselves up in a heated room, similar to a sauna, before entering an even hotter room prior to jumping into a cold tub. This process is then followed by a scrub down by one of the attendants and a period of relaxation in a tepid room. A Moroccan institution – the hammam are not to be missed.


Morocco : Must-see towns and Regions

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