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Day Trip to Tangier Tetouan mythical destinations


Tangier Tetouan The cosmopolitan side of Morocco


The cities of Tangier and Tetouan welcome travelers to the far north of Morocco. On these shores where the waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet, you will find authentic cities shaped by varied influences.

Walk through Tangier, the White City. Amble along streets lined with whitewashed houses and, like Matisse and Delacroix before you, allow yourself to be transported by the dreamy ambiance of the city. Get lost in the alleys of the Grand Socco or stand at the foot of the kasbah's high walls to admire the fort that dominates the medina. A few steps away lies the Sultan's Palace, which today is dedicated to Moroccan arts. Tangier is also tinged with Spanish influences, including an arena at the Plaza de Torros, and the famed Cervantes Theater built in 1913.

A similar feeling also permeates Tetouan. It is known as the "Daughter of Granada", a lovely city featuring Spanish-Moorish architecture. Its medina is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The seaside resort town of Tamuda Bay and its 9 miles of fine sand beaches await just down the road from Tetouan. It is home to prestigious institutions that have earned the region a chic reputation. Visitors are guaranteed to relax and get a taste of the good life with the blue waters of the Mediterranean as their backdrop.

Tangier and Tetouan are spoiled by their gorgeous Mediterranean seafronts and by the many cultures that intersect at these physical and metaphorical crossroads.


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